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Fic: Sod This For A Game of Soldiers

Title: Sod This For A Game of Soldiers
Fandom: Final Fantasy VII (pre-Nibelheim)
Rating: M for violence
Summary: A secretary to a board-level person is supposed to be able to act as their bodyguard. While nobody really thinks to enforce the rule for General Sephiroth's secretary, she doesn't see any reason to let this stand in her way.
Warnings: blood, guts, mess and nausea.

As always, all feedback is accepted.

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Fic: Shooting Fish In A Barrel

Title: Shooting Fish in a Barrel
Fandom: Final Fantasy VII (pre-Nibelheim)
Summary: Somebody is playing silly buggers. Fortunately for the General, Nesa knows all the rules.
Disclaimer: The only character I own is Nesa Conway, who appears in this story with the express permission of the ShinRa Electric Power Company's Personnel department. The rest are owned by their original creators, the wonderful people at Square Enix.
Warnings: paperwork, bureaucracy, administrative judo

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Fic: Rule One

Fandom: Final Fantasy VII
Title: Rule One
Rating: Australian PG (mild swearing)
Summary: In any large organisation, there are rules.  A new SOLDIER has to start by learning Rule One.
Warnings: clerical work; paperwork; bureaucracy. 

Rule One )

All feedback greatly appreciated.

Fic: Planning the Perfect Party

Fandom: Final Fantasy VII
Title: Planning the Perfect Party
Rating: G
Summary: Planning any party is annoying, but when ShinRa Personnel decide everyone has to attend this year's corporate celebration, the job rises to a new level of complicated.
Disclaimer: I don't own anyone except the original characters - and negotiating for their services with ShinRa personnel is one hell of a job at the best of times.
Warnings: committees, meetings, party planning, office politics, bureaucracy


As always, all feedback is greatly appreciated.  Is it believable, does it work, what works best, what doesn't work?  Anything you can tell me is great.

Fic: Homecoming

Fandom: Final Fantasy VII
Title: Homecoming
Summary: Another working week over. Time to vent off some of the stresses of the day.
Rating: Australian R/X (equivalent to US NC-17, I think)
Warnings: femslash.
Disclaimer: The characters I own are Nesa and Sarai. Sarai negotiates her own rates (which are extortionate), as well as contracting for Nesa's services for this particular story. And I used to think ShinRa personnel were bad...
Acknowledgements: This story references events in "Lab Rats" by Sildil over on LiveJournal.


As always, all comments greatly appreciated. What worked, what didn't, what could be improved?

Fic: Straightening The Record

Fandom: Final Fantasy VII
Title: Straightening the Record
Summary: A quiet drink, a quiet truth or two. Zack and Nesa bonding.
Disclaimer: I don't own anyone except Nesa, and the negotiations with ShinRa personnel are hell.

As always, all feedback is loved, cherished, and wanted. What works, what doesn't, does anything make you grin, or gurn?

Fic: "Friends Help Friends" - Final Fantasy VII

Fandom: Final Fantasy VII
Title: Friends Help Friends
Summary: Another story from the SOLDIER admin office - Nesa pulls Zack's chestnuts out of the fire, and Zack learns something surprising about the clerk.
Disclaimer: Nesa is the only character I own, and I negotiate with ShinRa personnel to get her to appear in these stories.  You would not believe the fees they charge!

As always, all feedback is greatly appreciated.  Do the characters ring true?  Does the situation seem believable?  Is there a typo I didn't spot?  Let me know.

Fiction: Opportunity Knocks You Over

I've decided to use this journal as something of a fic storage/display area. It'll be fanfiction, mostly, and I'm going to start with the Final Fantasy VII stuff, since it's freshest. So here goes.

Fandom: FFVII
Title: Opportunity Knocks You Over
Summary: Occasionally, being knocked over can open whole new doors.
Disclaimer: The only character I own is Nesa, and I had to argue with ShinRa personnel to get her to appear in this story.

As per always, feedback is greatly appreciated. I'm most interested in queries about the character, suggestions on how to improve the story, and any questions readers have.

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