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I'm On AO3

I've decided to archive my stuff at "An Archive Of Our Own", and today I got the invite and created an account. At present, it's mostly putting up my back archives of work (so I have a copy of things somewhere other than my hard drive, for future reference), and I'm going to try to stick to about ten items a week until I have the backlog posted, probably across the whole variety of fandoms I've written in.

Have a dekko - it's over here if you're interested.

At present, I'm just grabbing what's available (one item from each fandom, in a range of fandoms), so the first ten are up, and they range from fun and silly right the way through to hot and heavy. I'm trying to get them put up as close to the original "publication" order as possible, so the dates I'm using are the dates I last edited the original files on the hard drive.

(Oh, and why AO3? Well, I figure it's a damn sight easier to have everything in the one place rather than trying to keep track of multiple lists across multiple archives and journals. Plus they're a bit more flexible in their policies than the Pit of Voles.)

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Fanfic (FF7): Asexual

Title: Asexual
Fandom: Final Fantasy VII (AC era - sometime between end of AC and start of DOC).
Prompt: any - asexuality - his lack of interest isn't anything personal, it just... is.
Rating: Australian PG
Warnings: language, frustration, descriptions of sexual behaviours
Summary: "You haven't exactly had a normal life up to this point. Why should you be normal now?"

I'll listen. Just talk. )

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