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Semi-regular update post

Gods, where to start? It's been a bit of a frantic week-and-a-bit. Let's see - how about I give a rundown of "good things and bad things" and then an expansion in TL;DR below.

Good things:

  • Meds packaged in blister pack, Silver Chain stuff almost up and running.

  • Purchased Dissidia on Tuesday, already 9/10ths of the way through the initial part of Story Mode

  • Heard from my folks, they're coming back to Perth early

Not-Good things:
  • Still depressed

  • Court hearing on Tuesday resulted in an order to hand over the house

  • Still unemployed

This is the TL;DR stuff )

So yeah, how's everyone else doing?

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Crosses fingers and toes

Just had an interview for a possible position, for a damn near immediate start. I think it went well, but I can never tell with these things - my instincts are all over the place, it seems. As a result, I'm now second-guessing myself all over the place and panicking about whether I might have put the potential employer off - was I too dressed up, too dressed down, too friendly, not friendly enough, did I give off the right vibes, the wrong vibes... aargh.

I've just let go of the trapeze bar and performed my triple somersault backflip with the half twist... now to find out whether the other bar is where I think it should be. If not... this is gonna hurt.

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