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A Minor Accomplishment

I got around to clearing through the pile of discarded clothing which has been accumulating for the past six or so years today. Basically, it was a process of going through, and sorting into two possible piles. One was the "Salvos/Sammies" pile - the stuff which was basically in good nick, but had wound up on the discard pile because it either didn't fit, didn't suit, or wasn't quite 100%. For example, one shirt on there used to have a pattern of studs stuck onto the collar area, but most of them have come off in the wash. The garment is still structurally intact, and someone who's willing to replace the beading or whatever could probably salvage it and get a number of years of use out of it. I haven't the skills or the interest, so out it went.

The other pile was the stuff which I'd been reluctant to throw out because even though there were things like gaping holes in the front, the rest of the cloth was still sound, and I might be able to make something useful out of it. Problem is, my interest in crafting in the past few years has petered out to around zero (and it was never that high in the first place) so the likelihood of me actually doing so is minimal. I'm not going to be making a rag rug out of old pairs of jeans, so today I decided "stop kidding yourself" and chucked the whole damn lot of them into the bin. Two laundry-basket loads of stuff which should have been chucked out bit by bit years ago.

(For those who read the last entry, it's the "malign Buddha" pile of clothes I've just tackled. So that's that anxiety dealt with, anyway).

Also on the "chuck out" pile were two freebie backpacks which I'd used to bits (one lasted about a year before the bottom wore through; the second had the top rip off after about the first six to eight weeks).

Incidentally - I found a bag of clothes which must have moved over with us from Canbrrra, and hadn't been unpacked since. So that's been unpacked, and most of the contents are in the washbasket, waiting for next week's washing round. I gain two vests, a couple of nice shirts, and a couple of flannies I hadn't seen in years.

The stuff for the second-hand shops all fits into one green reusable shopping bag. The original pile of stuff occupied a sixty litre plastic box, and couple of piles in other locations as well. I'm sure there's a lesson in that, but I'm not interested in learning it right now.

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Domestic Upheaval (variety: "Hopefully Temporary")

I'm typing this from my bed rather than my desk. My desk is currently in pieces in the spare room. The kitchen table is out under the back verandah. The kitchen chairs, the fridge, and the freezer are in the lounge. The TV is in my partner's room, and the Xbox and the PS2 are in the lounge, hidden behind the chairs, the large couch, and under a half ton of other junk.

All in all, there isn't much of the house which is actually liveable at the moment.

The reason we're all at sixes and sevens here is that we're having new lino (linoleum, or equivalent thereof) laid in our house today. I'm somewhat ambivalent about the whole mess, to be honest. On the one hand, the existing lino is curling up at all the edges, and has several large rips and tears, not to mention nasty stretched patches, making it pretty much unsanitary to be living with. It'll be nice to have it replaced with something a bit better. On the other hand, we've just spent a weekend hauling every damn piece of furniture off the lino (which turns out to encompass about three-quarters of the living area of the house, as well as the kitchen and the laundry), which included taking everything out of one cupboard, unpacking several lots of shelves, re-arranging a lot of Himself's den, and removing all the contents of my desk. Having the desk fall to pieces when we tried to move it was just the final straw.

I can foresee the rest of the week being spent in piecemeal replacement of everything along the way, while I try and fit in whole heaps of Java programming around the edges. Goody goody goody.

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