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What Went Right - 29 DEC 2016

Three stories about "what went right" (as opposed to "what went wrong") from my mainstream media feeds.

(If you're looking for these sorts of stories yourself, what I've found is you're likely to find more of them in your local news than in the national or international news, unless it's a particularly slow news day. So start close to home, and see what you can find in your local, city, or state papers first, before moving on to the national or international ones).

WACE exam results posted online a day early to 'put students' minds at ease', SCSA says by Hayley Roman (ABC Western Australia)

The School Curriculum and Standards Authority managed to get everything together in time to publish the results of the Western Australian Certificate of Excellence (Year 12/end of high school/leaving) exams a day early - so they did this, in order to ease the worries of students who were waiting for their results.

Man finds long-lost brother by chance in Noosa cafe by Judy Adair ("Tall Tales and True" podcast, ABC Radio).

A story about adoption, and about finding family in unexpected places.

Sweden's ice hotel by Tracey Shelton (freelance contributor, ABC Australia).

Every year since 1989, sculptors have built an ice hotel in Swedish Lapland, and every year with the coming of spring, the hotel melts back into the river which birthed it. This year they're trying something a bit different.

(This article is in a wide format, if you're reading on a narrow device, or using a browser with a "bookmarks bar" at the side - as I do - be aware of this).

So, there's my three stories for the day. If you've found something about "what went right" in your news feeds, drop a link in the comments. I think of this sort of thing as a candle against the darkness - one candle on its own can't do much, but many together can light and warm the world.

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What Went Right - 28 DEC 2016

Another three stories from the mainstream media of things "going right" as opposed to "going wrong".

Remote ammonia plant shipping fertiliser to the world by Eliza Wood (WA Country Hour, ABC Western Australia).

A profile of the Yara Pilbara ammonia plant, which uses hydrogen gas sourced from the North West Shelf natural gas fields to create liquid ammonia for use in fertiliser and urea creation.

Missing woman, girl found five kilometres from where car was bogged in Kimberley by ABC Western Australia

Two people who went missing after the car they were travelling in became bogged have been found, in reasonable health. They're reported as being taken to Derby Hospital for a check-up, and "extremely thankful" for the searchers from police, State Emergency Services, and other volunteers who found them.

My Disability Matters: The social media site helping to connect people with disabilities by Felicity Ogilvie (AM, ABC Australia).

A profile of the My Disability Matters website (a site designed by a person who is vision-impaired for people with disabilities), briefly explaining about the site and the ways people use it, as well as providing a link to another article about the site (and from there, a link to the site itself).

So, there's my three for the day. If you've found anything in your various news feeds about things going right, why not pop a link to it in the comments? Alternatively, if you're doing something similar yourself, please, share a link.

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What Went Right - 27 DEC 2016

Once again, three stories from the mainstream media about "what went right", rather than "what went wrong".

Grain growers to benefit from WA whisky distillery expansion by Tyne Logan (ABC Rural, Western Australia).

A boutique distillery in the Great Southern region of Western Australia is expanding their operations by purchasing an old winery in the Porongorup region, with plans to convert this into their head office and main distillery.

WWII bomb is defused in German town of Augsburg on Christmas Day by Associated Press (through ABC Australia)

32,000 households had been evacuated from central Augsburg by 10am on Christmas Day in order for the defusing to take place, and they were given the all-clear at 7pm local time.

'This is possible. We did it': the week Portugal ran on renewables by Sam Jones (Guardian)

Portugal's renewable energy power plants managed to power the entire country for four and a half days earlier this year, giving evidence renewable sources of energy are able to work as the backbone of a country's energy infrastructure.

So there's my three for the day. If you've found any stories of things going right in your news reading, why not share them in the comments?

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What Went Right 26 DEC 2016

Once again, three stories from the mainstream media about 'what went right' as opposed to what went wrong.

Eden's quirky tradition during the Sydney to Hobart by Jessica Haynes (ABC New South Wales)

The coastal town of Eden in south-east NSW is practically the last landfall possible for yachts involved in the Sydney to Hobart race which have to pull out early. The town "celebrates" this with their own tongue-in-cheek trophy for the first boat to make landfall there.

Christmas Lunch in the Park for Perth's less fortunate sees 2,300 gather for spectacular feast by Hayley Roman (ABC Western Australia)

Covering Mission Australia's "Christmas Lunch in the Park" event, which is volunteer-run, and now in its 41st year of operation.

'Muslims for Peace': Islam group letterboxes Hobart to counter One Nation, Reclaim Australia by Sallese Gibson (ABC Tasmania)

Members of the Ahmadiyya Muslim community in Tasmania have delivered leaflets to houses in Hobart in order to spread understanding and reduce hatred.

There's my three for the day. If you've found any stories about things which have "gone right", I'd appreciate it if you shared them in the comments.

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What Went Right 25 DEC 2016

Three stories from the mainstream media about things which 'went right' rather than 'going wrong'.

Christmas food can pose risks to some pets, animal hospital warns by David Weber (ABC Western Australia)

Some warnings and advice about what to avoid with regards to your pets during the festive season.

Christmas: South Australians support charities, recreate the nativity and Jews celebrate Hanukkah by ABC South Australia

A discussion of various seasonal celebrations in South Australia, including Hanukkah (which doesn't usually get much publicity in Australia).

The 11-step guide to being a good guest by Annalisa Barbieri (Guardian)

A guide to how to be a pleasant guest, and do the right things yourself.

So there's my three for the day. If you have any other 'things going right' stories you'd like to share, pop 'em in the comments.

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What Went Right 24 DEC 2016

Today's three stories of "things which went right" (as opposed to going wrong) from the mainstream media.

CBH predicts possible 16 million tonne crop for WA as deliveries slow by Tara de Landgrafft (WA Country Hour, ABC Western Australia)

A story analysing the grain crop from Western Australia, and reflecting on the highlights and lowlights of this years' harvest according to the CBH (Cooperative Bulk Handling) co-operative.

How to bin Christmas responsibly: A guide to what you can and can't recycle by Emma Wynne (720 ABC Perth, ABC Western Australia)

An article aimed at Australians, about what can and can't be safely dumped into the recycling bins this Christmas.

Australian kids draw 'welcome' artworks for newly-arrived migrants and refugees by ABC Australia.

"The ABC's television news program, Behind the News (BtN)— in conjunction with non-partisan not-for-profit group Welcome to Australia — invited kids in September to send in original artwork that illustrates what people loved most about living in this country." They received over 12,000 hand-drawn colour pictures from Australian kids, with a message of "welcome".

So, there's my three for the day. As always, if you have any stories about "what went right" which have popped up on your news feed, drop them in the comments.

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What Went Right - 23 December 2016

Today's three pieces from the mainstream media about "what went right".

Solar switch for one of Australia's biggest companies funded by community by Ursula Malone (ABC Western Australia)

A solar investment firm is buying solar panel arrays, leasing them to companies, and selling them the power produced by the solar panels. After seven years, the firm which is leasing the panels gets to keep them.

Ebola vaccine is safe and effective, scientists declare after trials by Sarah Boseley, Health Editor (Guardian).

A vaccine effective against ebola has been created and trialled in West Africa, and looks to be effective in preventing the spread of the disease.

Meet the people working this Christmas Day by ABC News Breakfast (ABC Victoria)

A profile of five people who are going to be working on Christmas Day (despite the public holiday), for various reasons.

So there's my three for the day (it took a bit of searching today, which is understandable - not every day is a "slow news" day where these sorts of stories percolate up onto the pages). As always, if you have anything to share, drop it in the comments.

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What Went Right - 22 December 2016

Once again, three "what went right" stories from the mainstream media.

A doctor's honest account of losing his first patient by Judy Adair (ABC Radio).

Content warnings on this one for a visceral description of CPR, and for the death of a human being.

This one is being included despite the subject matter, because what it's actually about is being human. It's about a doctor recalling the first time a patient he was treating died, how he felt at the time, and what he feels he learned from the experience - which was that doctors have to be emotionally involved in the care they're giving, or else they risk becoming mere technicians, treating human bodies as though they're malfunctioning machines. Which is, I think, the correct lesson to have learned.

(Just because it went right doesn't mean it has to be either comfortable or nice).

Best of 2016: Get a dose of the best feel-good stories of the year by ABC Queensland.

An omnibus collection of "feel good" stories. Not everything which happened in 2016 was terrible, and the impression it was is something I'm trying to counteract with this project.

WA police officer plays Santa's helper, tracking down recipient of lost Christmas present by Edwina Seselja (ABC Western Australia).

This one has two things going right - someone found a lost Christmas present on the road near Roebourne (in North-West Western Australia) and handed it in to the local police station. Then the Senior Constable on duty was able to use his local knowledge to remember a child with the right name, who had received a road safety award earlier in the year, and return the present to the correct family.

So there's today's helping. If any of my readers have stories about things going right from their local media they'd like to share, drop them in the comments.

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What Went Right - 21 December 2016

Another three stories about things going right, or people doing the right thing, and so on.

Perth Zoo residents get Christmas treats in food hide-and-seek by Charlotte Hamlyn (ABC, Western Australia)

A feel-good story about the animals in Perth Zoo getting some extra treats (and enrichment activities associated with them) from their keepers. As the keeper interviewed points out, it's not just zoo animals who can benefit from this sort of thing - household pets can also benefit from having a bit of extra think-work to do in order to get treats, keeping them mentally active.

Meet the rebel road fixers making Malaysia's roads safer by Jami Blakkarly (Radio National, ABC).

A group of people who are concerned about the condition of Malaysian roads have decided to do their bit to prompt action by undertaking "guerrilla" pothole fixes.

Holly the penguin reunited with colony near Manly, after Sydney drain rescue by Nicole Chettle (ABC, New South Wales)

A baby Little Penguin, found walking up a drain in Haberfield, Sydney, has been re-united with the colony she came from.

So, there's my three for the day. Anyone got anything to add to the mix? Put any stories about "what went right" into the comments.

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What Went Right - 20 December 2016

Another three looks at things which went right (as opposed to "going wrong") as reported by the mainstream media. As always, if you have something you've found in your local media stream which fits the bill, pop it in the comments.

One thing I'm finding when doing this is I'm paying more attention to my news feeds, rather than ignoring them for days at a stretch - I'm looking harder, and searching a bit more for those elusive "what went right" stories.

The best Australian books of 2016: writers choose their favourites by Briohny Doyle, Andy Griffiths, Jane Harper, Hannah Kent, Melina Marchetta, Martin McKenzie-Murray, Di Morrissey, Niki Savva, Graeme Simsion, Maxine Beneba-Clarke (Guardian Australia).

Another omnibus post, included because choosing a favourite book does, of course, mean you're picking up something which worked for you, and something which "went right".

Carnaby's cockatoos breeding program hailed a success for Perth university by ABC Western Australia (uncredited journalist)

A story about Carnaby's Black Cockatoos, which are critically endangered. They breed here in Perth (mostly around the outskirts of the city), and there's been some successes in getting them to breed in artificial "breeding hollows".

The Aboriginal teacher connecting people with country in the middle of the city by Jeremy Story Carter for RN Breakfast (ABC Victoria)

A story about a Gunditjmara man who teaches kids in Melbourne (particularly Indigenous kids, whose families may not have much connection to the traditions) about Indigenous culture. I'm including this one, even though it's a bit bitter-sweet toward the end, because I think it's important to recognise the process of recovery and re-integration of culture is both possible and necessary.

So there's my three for the day. Anyone else got anything they'd like to share?

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What Went Right - 19 December 2016

Today's three stories about "what went right" from the mainstream media.

The 12 key science moments of 2016 - By Andrea Sella, Sophie Scott, Helen Czerski, Mark Miodownik, Adam Rutherford, Martin Rees, Kevin Fong, Sue Hartley, Georgina Mace, Vaughan Bell, Peter Piot; Guardian/Observer.

This is an omnibus article, and as such it's a mixed bundle. I'm including it here because seven out of the twelve items are about things which "went right" - things where people are doing the right things, where things are going in positive directions, and where science is broadening the scope and depth of human knowledge.

Hidden gems of 2016: the best books you may have missed - By Hannah Beckerman, Alex Clark, Rachel Cooke, Viv Groskop, Kate Kellaway, Robert McCrum, Stephanie Merritt, Alice O'Keeffe, Alex Preston, Anthony Quinn, Anita Sethi; Guardian/Observer.

Another omnibus article. Most of the books listed tend heavily toward the "literary fiction" genre. However, a recommendation tends to mean something "went right" for the reader, so I'm including it in the list.

Real-life Mr and Mrs Claus welcome the public into their home - By Amy Fairhead, WA Today.

A Perth couple spends about two months decorating their home for Christmas, and then invites the public to visit (entry is nominally free, although they ask for a donation to the K-9 Rescue Foundation, which is a non-profit organisation that rescues, cares for and re-homes dogs from the Peel region of Perth through to the Cockburn area).

So, that's today's helping. Have you found any stories about "what went right" in your media feed? Share them in the comments, and let's boost the signal on the positive stuff!

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What Went Right - 18 December 2016

A bit of background

This project was sparked by a combination of this rant and the article which inspired it: 99 Reasons Why 2016 Was A Good Year.

It owes something to an anti-depression tactic I found to be very useful in dealing with my own depression. Basically, what I'd do is every day, I'd write down three things which had gone right each day - and that's "gone right" in the sense of "didn't go wrong" (because when you're depressed, spotting "good" things is as hard as all get-out, but you can spot the things which are going wrong very easily indeed). Didn't matter how small the thing was - it could have been a cup of hot chocolate, or just recognising there was nasty weather out there, and I wasn't out in it - there had to be three things each day. I kept that up for about six months straight - and since then, I've never really been as miserable as I was at that point, because I'd built up the habit of looking for the things which were going right at the same time as looking at the things which were going wrong.

Maybe it's something we need to do as a wider culture, or group of cultures? Either way, I've decided to start here, by combing through the news sources I have handy, and trying to find three things each day which report on "what went right", rather than "what went wrong". Follow the links, give them clicks, and let's reward the news organisations for finding the positive stuff to go with the negative stuff. If you have three things of your own you'd like to drop into the comments, feel free! The more we can gather, the better.

So, on to the stories...

Indigenous cricket: Family-run academy aims for the big league in Northam, WA - by Brianna Shepherd (ABC, Western Australia).

A story about the Avon West Cricket Academy, which is teaching Indigenous Australian kids in the Avon region of WA how to play cricket, offering coaching and training, and seeing a real improvement in things like school and community participation in their players. They're hoping to get to the point where at least one (hopefully more) kid from the Academy will be playing cricket at the WACA (the Western Australian Cricket Association ground - the premier cricketing facility in WA).

Migrant mums learn to swim, just in time for the Kalgoorlie summer, by Nathan Morris (ABC, Western Australia).

A story about a local program for teaching migrant women how to swim, as adults. The program is unusual in that it apparently involves lessons which start off in a private swimming pool, before "graduating" to a public setting. It includes comments from participants in the program, the swimming teacher, and the person who started the program.

Wombat mange prompts Tasmanian residents to take the lead on tackling lethal disease, by Laura Beavis (ABC, Tasmania).

A story about a volunteer program in the town of Kelso, Tasmania, where local residents have got together to try to treat Sarcoptic mange in the region's wombat population, through use of home-made burrow flaps which deliver a dose of anti-mange medication onto the wombat's back each time it enters the burrow.

So, anyone got anything they'd like to add?

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