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A plea from someone who uses "pick and pack" services as a disability accommodation

Could all the people who are currently choosing to get their groceries picked for them and delivered in order to avoid the potential of coronavirus exposure please remember, for some people, the pick-and-pack stuff is a necessary service to get groceries at all? If you're looking at the last available delivery slot or the last available pick-up place for the day, why not make the minor sacrifice of leaving it for someone who might actually need it. I'm already looking at having to sacrifice spoons I don't have, and a day of rest I desperately need, to perform essential shopping, because the delivery and pick-up booking times have blown out to a week ahead.

A couple of extra sentences, because this is important: I use the "pick up from the counter" service, because for me, being in a supermarket is cognitively overwhelming and exhausting. Other people might use it because they have difficulty physically walking the distance required to find all their groceries. Still others might use it because the sheer logistics of trying to organise everything in order to be able to get to the supermarket is just too overwhelming. For many people in these situations, the alternative to "pick and collect" or "home delivery" is not "drop in to the shops even though it's a bit more inconvenient and/or risky" - it's "no groceries at all". I can appreciate people don't want to take the risk of catching coronavirus - but could you please consider the people for whom this "useful" service is actually a "necessary" one before you start using it to the point of excluding us.

Thank you, in advance, for your consideration in this matter.

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