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What I've Been Reading - W/E 17 MAY 2019

Reading List WE 17 MAY 2019

Well, goodbye Bob Hawke, and I performed a gesture toward the national mourning and reminiscence yesterday by listening to "The Drover's Dog" by Redgum and having a bit of a grin. Because I'm old enough to remember when that one was relevant, and Bob Hawke was the first PM I really remember.

So, on to the reading list. I'll just mention the reading I'm doing for my cultural studies unit for last week and this week is season one of "True Detective", which is ... interesting, although I'd rather have a version with subtitles available, since all the characters are mumbling in Southern American accents looking away from the camera in dark rooms, which means the whole thing turns to a pile of linguistic sludge in my ears unless I'm throwing heaps of attention at it. I'm four episodes in, and it's sort of a melange of this, that and the other, and I think I've figured out where the plot is heading (unfortunately, after nearly fifty years on this planet, one gets a feel for the shapes of stories, and it is very difficult to surprise me with plot twists you've been telegraphing from episode one). So now I get to find out whether I'm right.

New work in progress in the Persona 5 fandom discovered this week is accidentally on fire by unsungillumination. This is a chat fic, something which is interestingly popular in this fandom (something to do with the whole thing with phones being such a Thing in the game - the meta-conceit is that most of the stuff you're doing in-game, you're doing through the protagonist's phone). So, in this fic, the conceit is that Goro Akechi's friend Ann has put him onto Tinder as a way of meeting people. Cue expected meet cute, and carry on from there.

For a couple of one-offs, found largely through checking the bookmarks of another author I'm fond of in the fandom, have Berserk by s_c_writ, which is an AU where Goro has a change of heart about certain events as they're going through the casino. I like this one because the change of heart is organic, rather than palace-related, and it makes things a bit more interesting to contemplate what might happen after that.

I'll also throw in Cupid's Chokehold by pigsocks, which I think I actually found through the kink meme. Goro/Ryuji, a "winner takes all" game of darts turns out to be a trigger for hot man-sex.

Gotham's_Only_Wolf is still writing in FF7 fandom, and this week they picked up their "Shinra's Guide to Survival" universe (the one where Cloud Strife is dangerous if he doesn't get his coffee, and has the boyfriends to prove it). The latest instalment is Shinra’s Guide to Survival feat. Zack Fair, SOLDIER Extraordinaire, where we're shown five times Cloud is given a coffee mug, and one time he gives one away. I'd recommend the whole series as a feast of giggles for anyone interested in the fandom. Nice to see this writer back to work - apparently they had to deal with Real Life (TM) for a while, and haven't been able to pay much attention to writing fic for a while.

Oh, and one last work in progress I've added to my reading list. This one's in the Persona 5 fandom; Carousel by Mazauric. This is a post-game fic, where the Metaverse has returned and things are getting nasty. Fortunately, the Phantom Thieves have a few unexpected advantages on their side. This one refers to a certain amount of the wider Persona canon for back-story and such, so if you aren't aware of the previous games in the series, you might find yourself wondering who the heck some of the characters are. Fortunately, the Persona wiki does exist, and so too does wikipedia, both of which have information on the earlier instalments in the series.

So that's the highlights from my reading list for this week. What have other people been reading?

(PS: All my Aussie readers, if you haven't already done so, today is the day to wake up, get up, get out there and vote. Don't forget to pick up your Democracy Sausage on the way out!)

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