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What I've Been Reading - W/E 10 MAY 2019

Still busy (new job, getting everything lined up to go with the new job etc) so not reading as much as I could be. But have some items from my reading list anyway.

One of the things I've been doing recently is working my way through the [community profile] personakinkmeme, which introduced me to a few fics I hadn't read, and a couple of authors I hadn't run across. Not much of it stood out as particularly brilliant (I've apparently already found most of the good authors in the fandom, which is a bit of a nuisance).

One that stood out was Trust and Submission by BloodyJinxii. It's an interesting fic in the P5 universe, where Goro Akechi places an ad for a BDSM session, and is slightly surprised firstly by the domme he gets answering it, and secondly by which parts of what she does upset him the most. I found it an interesting exploration of the topic, and well worth it for the way it deals with a few assumptions about the "purpose" of BDSM in the first place. Let's just say Goro has some misplaced ideas about where the power is supposed to lie in a scene, and leave it at that, shall we?

In the works in progress I'm ambling through, there were new chapters in Once More With Feeling by beesandtoes, and Home For A Wayward Soul by TwilightKnight17 (each of the links goes to the latest chapter of each work). Once More With Feeling is the "Groundhog Day" AU, which is turning into an "Protagonist has a Palace" AU, and getting a bit more interesting as things go; Home For A Wayward Soul is a post-game fic with a twist - Akira volunteering at a new orphanage finds a young (approximately 3 years old) Goro Akechi, who he adopts to give the kid a second chance at life. I'd recommend both of these (OMWF is up to chapter 13, HFAWS is up to chapter 2) if you're interested in the fandom.

In Final Fantasy VII, Gotham's_Only_Wolf has picked up their May The Steel Never Dull universe again, and turned out another chapter, so if you're a fan of theirs, do take a look (link goes to the latest chapter).

Plus I've added a couple of new works in progress to my subscription list (I'm a sucker for a good work in progess). The first is A Farce at Playing House by cookietosser and literarytonguetied, which is a Persona 5 post-game college age AU, where Ryuji Sakamoto is studying physical therapy at a college in Iwatodai (and staying in a dorm building which will be familiar to fans of the Persona series) when he runs into an unexpected waiter at a diner. It has a counterpart fic from the perspective of the other party in the story (A Farce at Playing Dead) which adds to the interest of the whole story. I'll be interested in seeing where those two go. I've also picked up you will not take my heart alive by myotinae, which is an interesting twist on the game timeline (break occurs around November, for those who are interested) and stars a Goro Akechi whose heart has been changed by the Phantom Thieves, and who is not particularly happy about this.

So that's what I've been reading this week. What do other people have in their "To Be Read" piles?

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