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What I've Been Reading - W/E 03 MAY 2019

It's been a quiet week this week, and I haven't really been reading a lot of stuff. Mostly I've been working through the re-read of Feet of Clay (starting to get to the climactic bits of the story, and I'm intrigued by the amount of action Pratchett packs into a very small space of time - the main bulk of the story takes about three days, two nights), and occasionally looking at bits of Crime and Punishment when I get a spare moment.

However, I have been looking at some fanfic along the way. For example, I've found a new work in progress - Hypnotized by liziscribbles. It's a Persona 5 "no powers" AU, where things happened a bit differently, and where Akira and Yusuke are meeting up in about their early twenties. Nice characterisation work by the author, and while I have a guess at where the plot is going to be going (it's primarily romance, so of course there's likely to be a happy ending) the way the author is performing the trick is intriguing enough that I'm wanting to go along with it for now.

On the purely frivolous side, have a chat-fic in the Persona-verse. This one is by TheGamingMonkey, and is called Basically Everybody in a Chat and is Already Done With Life. This one has the characters from Persona 3, 4 and 5 all bunged into the one chat room, and interacting with each other. It's definitely not serious, and anyone who was supposed to be dead is back from the dead for Reasons (mostly "comedic value"). Good for a smirk or two.

TwilightKnight17 has finally finished writing their "Hours 'Verse" fiction series (link goes to the series page on AO3), so if you're wanting to read the whole thing from go to whoa, feel free to have a look. It covers the events of the Persona series from the last part of Persona 3 through to the end of Persona 5 and beyond. About the only thing to be aware of is that if you're not a fan of slash, this is probably not the series for you, because the pairings are generally slashy. Overall, I'd recommend it - they're an excellent writer, have an excellent touch with characterisation, and they're also good with plot as well (plus they don't consistently refer to the protagonist of Persona 5 as "the raven", making me think of a human-size black bird in the middle of whatever's going on).

So there's my five for the week.

The new job is fine so far. The rest of my week is hectic. More news as I get a moment to breathe and such.

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