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What I've Been Reading - W/E 26 APR 2019

It's been a non-teaching week, plus there were a bundle of public holidays, so I've been home a lot and doing a lot of reading this week. Here's five highlights.

To start with, I finished the book I was doing a farewell re-read of (and decided to keep it) and started another one: this time, it's Fyodor Dostoyevsky's Crime and Punishment. Just got started on it, and it's still in the set-up stages (I'm reading this one very slowly, since it's actually new to me - I bought the book back when I thought I should be acquiring a library of the classics, and I've not read it before now). Not sure what I think about it at this point. I'll let you all know a bit further on, when I've read more than the first chapter or so.

Most of what I've been reading this week has been fanfic, mostly Persona 5. However, there's a couple of bits of Final Fantasy VII in there: By Any Other Name by Ardwynna, a nice bit of Aeris/Sephiroth fake-ish dating; and From Cloud, With Love by Gotham's_Only_Wolf, where a mistaken number on a silly text to a friend makes Cloud a new friend, and eventually much more. Both nice fluffy pieces, without too much angst or despair, just what I need in the current climate (we're doing an election campaign here in Australia; if I want angst, despair, and existential dread, I can find plenty of it in the various policy platforms of the various parties).

On the Persona 5 side of things, I discovered a couple of new authors - firstly bubblebangbaby, whose The Body-Switching Episode is a gorgeous example of the sorts of smutty silliness that can be achieved by putting a couple of teenage boys in each other's bodies. Protagonist/Ryuji, masturbation, and Ryuji!feels galore, absolutely glorious to read. Let's put it this way: I grinned and laughed out loud reading it, so it's not just smut, there's some humour in there as well.

The other author in Persona 5 fandom I discovered (and went through their back history like a dose of salts last night) was ThirtySixSaveFiles. I'm going to recommend their lovely AU-ish fic where the lost get found as something for any interested readers, because I think this one captures their writing style (and the characters) best of all. It's an adult-aged (character age ranges would be from 22 - 24 years old) no Personas Detective/Thief AU, where Goro Akechi is a young and up-coming detective in the Tokyo police force, Akira Kurusu runs a coffee shop by day and leads the Phantom Thieves by night, and it's a glorious romp to read through.

Also, in other news: I have a new job, doing clerical work two days a week for a total of eleven and a half hours a week. I start on Thursday. So I expect my rate of reading to go down a bit. Let's see how things go.

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