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What I've Been Reading - W/E 05 APR 2019

This week for uni, I have to read through The Hound of the Baskervilles by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (I've read it before, and I'm a detective story fan - this degree is still not really a hardship). It's a short novel, so I'm currently working through it at three chapters a night and enjoying running across all the standard detective novel tropes as they're being created. Plus one chapter each night of Making Money. My life is so difficult, I swear.

I've been reading a bit more fanfic this week, not so much because it's been a busy week for fanficcers (it hasn't, really) but rather because I discovered the Persona 5 Kinkmeme collection on AO3. So, more smut than gen this week, and mostly Persona 5 stuff.

One thing which doesn't fit into either category is the latest piece of Feather's "Settle in and find your home" series, Call it your 2.0, your rebirth: whatever. Instead, we get Maria Hill learning that she can actually cope with Tony Stark provided Tony isn't intentionally trying to be a pain in the backside. There's a lot of insights into a variety of other characters in this one as well, complete with loads of Feather's brilliant world-building, so if you like her MCU stuff, definitely give this one a look.

Now, on to the smut and Phantom Thieves.

Guiding Hands by TwilightKnight17 is a gorgeous fic in which Joker acts as sexual tutor for the majority of his teammates (don't worry, the cat isn't included; also it's consecutively, rather than concurrently). So there are seven vignettes, each with their own particular charm in there.

Model Behaviour by kolibris is a cute one where Joker has done a bit of a porn shoot to earn a bit of cash to cover the cost of weapons and such, and Ryuji just "happens" to buy the mag where the photos get featured. Enjoyable, and the characters are all in character all the way through.

Bajingo, also by kolibris, is a gorgeous bit of fic which subverts the whole "Joker is suave and cool and has it together at all times" trope which is endemic in this fandom - when Ryuji gets zapped by a gender-change effect in Mementos and has to wait for everything to switch back, Akira doesn't really know where to look or what to do.

So, that's the edited highlights of my reading list this week. What have other people been reading?

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