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What I've Been Reading - W/E 22 MAR 2019

It's been a slow reading week (mainly because most of the reading I've been doing lately is for university). Have three highlights from my reading list

Kissing It Better by Batsutousai - FF8, 5 + 1 times fic - five times Seifer kissed Squall, and one time Squall kissed him back. This one is a bit of a comfort re-read for me, being an old favourite which I love to bits. Batsutousai is one of the better writers out there for FF8 longfic, in my opinion - this is short for her, being only two chapters rather than fifteen or sixteen. Then again, it's largely set pre-game and post-game, rather than being a longfic AU. Do read her stuff if you like Final Fantasy VIII - she's got a good handle on the characters, and writes them really well.

Drink our coffee on the run by Feather (Lalaietha). The latest instalment in her "Settle in and find your home" sub-series of fic branching off from her wonderful "your blue eyed boys" series, and well worth the wait. Feather's original characters are brilliant, her writing is incredibly well-researched, and she has a deft touch with her characterisation of the canon characters as well (sometimes not the standard fandom perceptions of various characters, but always believable and human). If you haven't read her stuff, and you like the Marvel Cinematic Universe, go have a look - you're missing out on something wonderful. (NB: her canon stops dead at the end of "Captain America: The Winter Soldier". Pity about that meteor hitting Marvel Studios dead on, right?).

Flunking by volti - Persona 5 fandom. This is a longfic which covers a few months of the canon game, and which is focussed around Makoto Nijima and her relationship with Akira Kurusu during those months. I've been reading it as a work in progress; Volti finally finished it this week, so if you're into the Persona 5 fandom, but don't enjoy WIPs, give this one a go. Volti has a brilliant characterisation of Makoto in particular, but also of her first real relationship - the characters are believably seventeen and sixteen, which makes things all the better.

Like I said, it's been a slow reading week - I'm still working my way through "Going Postal", but I'm rationing myself to one chapter a day, to remind myself of why I like it so much. Mostly, it's been comfort reading. So, over to my readers: what do you read for comfort?

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