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What I've Been Reading - W/E 08 MAR 2019

A change this week. With uni starting up, I've realised that keeping track of everything I'm reading isn't going to happen - I just do not have the spoons for it, I'm too tired, and my brain is using this as a reason to beat me up. So instead of giving you everything I've read, I'm just going to give a "five highlights from the list" post, with a bit more of a review attached than usual.

To Catch a Tiger Cub, One Must First Enter the Tiger’s Lair by AyuOhseki - P5 WIP, Crow/Joker. I would seriously recommend AyuOhseki as a writer in the Persona 5 fandom - they're good with characterisation (haven't seen a single bobble or even vaguely out of character action from them in any of their works I'm reading) and they have a good touch with character development. This one is going in some rather interesting directions when it comes to things like relationship decisions. Definitely worth reading, and I'm interested in seeing where it winds up.

It’s a Compliment, Really by Moczo - P5 WIP - the "porn parody" one, no actual pairings. I'm putting this on the list because it is an absolute hoot, it makes me laugh every single chapter, and I'm just thoroughly enjoying the absurdity and silliness of the whole thing. The characterisation is gorgeous, and I definitely get a "Muppet Show" feel out of it - that sort of "okay, starts strange, and just gets sillier and weirder (and more hilarious) as we go along". The bad porn is so bad it's brilliant. Definite fanfic therapy for the stressed out reader. 11 out of 10, have definitely re-read multiple times.

In The Spotlight by Symxalia - P5 AU post-game, online media fandoms. Just discovered this one this week, and it's a gorgeous, low-stress piece of fluff. Basically, the various characters from Persona 5 have survived the whole business, and they're now making names for themselves as YouTubers, game streamers, Instagram photographers and so on.

Tale of A Filigree Prince by ammehsuor - P5, post-game fix-it, Akira/Goro. Goro Akechi has (miraculously, with the assistance of both of his personas) survived the events of the Engine Room, and is working to rebuild himself after everything. Then he bumps into Akira Kurusu in the park, and things get... complicated. This is a really well-written fic, with a complex view of the characters, and an interesting twist on the sorts of D/s narratives which usually show up for this pairing.

The Flip of a Coin by Ztluh - P5, WIP, new game +/groundhog day fusion fix-it. Just found this one this week, and it's an intriguing look at things. The essential conceit is that the protagonist (Akira) has been living the events of the game over and over and over, restarting every time. This time around, he decides to let random chance (or fate, whichever's listening, I suppose) get involved in some of the decisions, by flipping a coin to decide things. This one is going in some interesting directions, since the protagonist by this point has been around for a fair few years. My curiousity is piqued, and I'm going to keep following it.

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