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What I've Been Reading - W/E 22 FEB 2019

Farewell re-read:

Still making my way through A Body in the Bath House.


Still technically re-reading Frederica, although I haven't actually picked it up all week.

Uni Reading

It's O-Week, and my readings for classes start this week because I needed to have them done for class on Monday. You get these ones in my best APA format-equivalent, because I'm taking them from the headers of my uni notes:

Arnold, Andrea (dir) (2009). Fishtank, BBC Films.

Beale, Nigel (2008). "The ancient art of keeping it real", The Guardian Books blog, 21 OCT 2008.

Burroway, Janet, Elizabeth Stuckey-French & Ned Stuckey-French (2015) Writing Fiction: A Guide to Narrative Craft (9th ed), Boston, Pearson, pp1 - 20 (Chapter 1)

Earnshaw, Stephen (2010). Beginning Realism, Manchester & New York, Manchester University Press, pp1 - 13 (introduction)

Yes, there's a film in there. I'm doing Cultural Studies, films count as texts and readings.


Once More, With Feeling by beesandtoes Ch 6 and Ch 7 - The P5 "Groundhog Day" one - dangerous coping methods, and the collapse of the romance waveform.

Hopscotch and Red Rover by scifigrl47 - MCU AU, part of the "Tales of the Bots" universe, and Harris MacIntyre does not have a normal life by any means.

Never Settle for Less Than Gold by Gotham’s_Only_Wolf - FF7/MCU crossover AU; do NOT touch Vincent Valentine's partners if you want to survive.

New Game + by Tayani - P5, latest chapter in a WIP, the AU with the woobified Goro Akechi.

Flunking by volti - P5, latest chapter in a WIP

getting it back to good by melowh - P5, latest chapter in a WIP. Post-game AU.

Let Loose Your Glow by Gotham’s_Only_Wolf - FF7, Cloud/Barret, AU.

It’s a Compliment, Really by Moczo - P5, Latest chapter in the porn parody AU. This one still makes me laugh out loud.

Black & Red by Alexilulu - P5, lastest chapter in a WIP.

To Catch a Tiger Cub, One Must First Enter the Tiger’s Lair by AyuOhseki - P5, WIP, this is the latest chapter.

A Kind of Magic by XpaperplaneX - FF7 WIP, this it the latest chapter, and it has some plot in it.

Something in The Silver Lining by Gotham’s_Only_Wolf - FF7/MCU crossover AU - immediately post the Battle of New York.

A Den of Nibel Wolves by Gotham’s_Only_Wolf - FF7, Cloud/Barret, Cloud looks good in evening wear, and Rufus Shinra is not allowed to have all the pretty.

On Broken Wings by raisedbymoogles - FF7 post Advent Children Sephiroth habilitation fic - this is the latest chapter in a WIP, and I've been following this one for years, since the first few chapters were originally posted over on InsaneJournal. It goes by the nickname of "Fluffiroth", which should tell you everything you need to know - go check with your dentist before reading.

So that's what I've been reading this week. Expect the Uni reading section to remain in these for the next few months - semester officially starts on Monday.

Anyone read anything interesting this week?

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