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What I've Been Reading - W/E 25 JAN 2019

Farewell re-read

Still plugging my way through A Dying Light in Corduba by Lindsey Davis.


Frederica by Georgette Heyer (ISBN 0 330 20272 3). An old favourite I pulled out to re-read when Firefox was being a [bleep] nuisance. I'm in the mood for a Heyer romance, simply because they're light, fluffy, and fun.


Rust In My Own Blood by Gotham’s_Only_Wolf - Link goes to the latest chapter of a multi-chapter WIP AU of an AU (the original AU is a Sephiroth childhood fix-it; this AU has the Sephiroth whose childhood is being fixed swapping places with the canonical Sephiroth). I love the overall series this is part of, and I'm enjoying this AU, even if it does hit me in the feels at times.

Maybe Tomorrow by scifigrl47 - MCU AU, "Annie" as done with Tony Stark as Daddy Warbucks. Link goes to the latest chapter in a WIP.

A Kind of Magic by XpaperplaneX - Newest chapter in another WIP, and yeah, this one is a smutfic.

A Memoir on Parenting by V. Valentine, Semi-Retired Turk by Gotham’s_Only_Wolf - Latest chapter in an AU WIP (this one is chapter 4 so far). Remember that Sephiroth childhood fix-it I was talking about earlier? Yeah, this is an instalment in that one, happening about three years before "Rust In My Own Blood". Do read the whole series, it's a hoot and absolutely gorgeous from go to whoa.

Sunflowers by XpaperplaneX - final chapter (epilogue) of another Sephiroth-gets-a-childhood fix-it fic. One of the things which is good about this one is it's probably the most sympathetic treatment of Tifa Lockhart's father I've seen in the fandom so far.

Settle in and find your home by Feather (Lalaietha). Still re-reading her series, and again, since I've re-read the lot of 'em this week, I'm just going to link to the AO3 homepage for the series rather than the individual stories.

Original Fiction

(As in, original short fiction, found online. If it were on paper, I'd be putting it up near the farewell re-read stuff).

A Model Dog by John Scalzi - An engineer is asked to create the ultimate robot dog for the parent of their billionaire start-up founder. Gorgeous and giggle-worthy.

Online Articles

Invasion Day: Australians Want The Holiday Without Putting In The Work by Amy McGuire, in Junkee. An interesting discussion of the ways responsibility for reconciliation and so on has been largely sloughed off by white Australia onto Indigenous Australia.

So, what are other people reading? Any recommendations?

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