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Meg Reviews Recipes: Continental Devilled Sausages 40g recipe base sachet

I got this at Coles a while ago. It's a packet mix that you add the ingredients to, mix up in the prescribed manner, and bingo! You have dinner.

You will also find out whether you have any visual acuity problems at all. I had to walk away from the whole business in the middle of cooking to swap out my seeing glasses for my reading glasses so I could read how much water I was supposed to add.

The required ingredients for this one are 8 beef sausages (yup, Coles cheapies again); 1 onion; tomato sauce (ketchup); 1 large green apple. You fry up the sausages and remove them from the pan, cook the onion until it softens, then add your combined recipe base, water and tomato sauce to the pan with the peeled, cored and sliced apple, bring to the boil, add the sausages again, and simmer for 20 minutes. They suggest also throwing in 1/4 cup of sultanas with the apple, so I've done that. The suggested sides are a pumpkin and potato mash, and zucchini. I'm going to be doing spuds (boiled) with peas, corn and carrot mix, because that's what's easiest for me.

After the cooking (which doesn't need anywhere near as much supervision as you'd think, once everything is simmering away together) it turned out pretty good. The flavours are mild and largely sweet - there's some tang from the tomato sauce, and my partner found the sultanas to be texturally surprising, but overall it's pretty sweet and bland. Which surprised me, since in most recipes for devilled whatever, there's usually a touch of spice. Presumably they removed that in order to avoid frightening off those folks who are cautious around even the slightest hint of spice. Wonder what it would be like with a dash of cayenne pepper?

Overall, it's a nice recipe, and if I find the recipe base on special again, I'll probably grab it, just so I can have something like that in the back of the cupboard for future emergencies.

Skill Level: 2 out of 5, mostly for the scheduling considerations involved in cooking it.
Spoons/Fuss and Bother: 4 out of 5, mostly for the minuscule print on the package. Seriously, if you can't read the print on these things, you're not alone. It should not be necessary to keep a magnifying glass in the kitchen.
Overall: 3 out of 5.
Considerations: As always, swap protein sources at the very least, to something other than beef sausages, before trying to serve this to a vegan (and probably hand them the package and a magnifying glass before you start, just to be on the safe side). They mention the product contains wheat and soy, and that it's made on equipment which also processes products containing milk, peanut, egg, sesame, fish and crustacea (so it's probably neither kosher nor halal).

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