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What Went Right - 4 APR 2017

As previously stated, this series is going to be winding up in just under 2 weeks (17 April). So, I'm making the most of the last few days of the process. Here's today's selection of stories from my mainstream media feeds about "what went right".

Culture key to suicide prevention among Indigenous Australians, experts say, ahead of global discussion by Andie Noonan (ABC Victoria)

This isn't so much a "what went right" as "what's got the potential to go right". Australia's indigenous suicide rate is very high - indigenous Australians are up to five times more likely to take their own lives than non-indigenous. There are hopes that experts from other countries with colonised indigenous populations, such as New Zealand and Canada, can offer techniques and perspectives for suicide prevention which may prove successful, but in the meantime, one thing which is working here in Australia is forging stronger connections with Indigenous cultures and with the land, as a tool for hope.

Australia's numbat population boosted after successful breeding in WA by Sarah Tallier (ABC Mid West and Wheatbelt, Western Australia)

Numbats from two zoos which were transported to Mount Gibson Wildlife Sanctuary (a zone fenced off to exclude feral predators) appear to have settled in well, and are breeding.

Sydney's Addison Hotel opens its doors to homeless youth in Australian first by Paige Cockburn

The Addison Hotel in Kensington, Sydney, was sitting idle while a development plan waits on approval. Rather than waste the opportunity, the building's owner has offered the space to accommodate homeless youth - 42 fully-furnished rooms, each with their own bathroom and kitchenette.

So there's my three for the day. If you've found a story about "what went right" in your news feeds, why not share it in the comments, and boost the signal.

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