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What Went Right - Admin Post

Hi all,

I'm not doing a "what went right" post today. Instead, I'm going to be talking about the future of the series.

I'm sure you have noticed the times the posts are going up have been varying wildly over the last few weeks. Essentially, what's happening is I'm discovering that being at university is taking a toll on my spoon level I hadn't expected - I'm winding up physically and mentally exhausted by study to a greater degree than I expected, and something has to give. The thing which is "giving" at present is my sleep cycle - I'm finding instead of being able to get away with about 6 - 7 hours, I'm needing the full 8, sometimes 9 hours per night. Given I put these posts up in the morning not long after I get up, they're getting pushed further and further back as my need for rest increases. There are other side effects of this physical and mental exhaustion as well - suffice it to say, I'm going to have to stop posting "What Went Right" because I need the spoons it occupies for other things.

I'm currently thinking of finishing up this series on 17 April. It will have been a four month run (from 18 December 2016) and that's a pretty solid duration for one of my projects. I'm disappointed at not being able to keep it going for longer, but unfortunately, between the demands of university and the constraints of mental illness, I'm finding the whole thing to be creating more stress for me than it's resolving. Again, something has to give, and this is the thing I can shed from my load with the least adverse consequences to myself.

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