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What Went Right - 27 MAR 2017

Bit rushed today, but still able to fit in three things which went right from my newsfeeds.

Earthquake rattles Darwin after striking 600km away in Banda Sea by Xavier La Canna (ABC Radio Darwin, Northern Territory)

A magnitude 5.3 earthquake in the Banda Sea rattled Darwin at about 4.44am (ACST), but isn't likely to have caused much damage.

Is Australia on the brink of becoming a completely cashless society? by Michael Edwards (ABC AM, Australia)

It's rumoured Australia could become a cashless society as early as 2020, with the Reserve Bank's roll-out of the NPP (New Payment Platform) happening today looking to be a big step in the process.

Study shows fibre supplements could be used as asthma treatment by Justine Kearney (ABC Australia)

A small preliminary study (with a sample group of 17 asthmatics) has had encouraging results with the use of soluble fibre supplements as a way of treating or controlling asthma. The researchers involved are now looking to broaden their study to a much wider sample group.

So there's my three for the day. If you've found an article in your news feed about what went right, why not share it in the comments to boost the signal?

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