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What Went Right - 22 MAR 2017

Winter is coming here in Australia - we've passed the autumnal equinox, and things are going to be getting cooler and wetter down in the south of the country (cooler and drier up in the north, where they're going into the Dry). Which means for those of you in the Northern Hemisphere, spring is on the way (and probably springing already!). Anyway, enough of these tedious meteorological details - let's get on to the stories about what went right.

Vietnamese refugee with big heart builds life and helps community in Western Australia by Gian De Poloni (ABC South West WA)

This article is a profile of Hien Le, a former refugee who fled Vietnam in 1982, and who has built up a life in Western Australia, teaching herself English by watching "Days of Our Lives" and "The Young and The Restless". She also spends time helping Vietnamese girls who have moved to Australia for a shot at a better life.

Tropical Forestry Services becomes Quintis as the company shifts focus by Clint Jasper (ABC Rural, Western Australia)

In a market plagued by organised crime and fraud, Australian company Quintis hopes to be able to build a brand reputation as a reliable supplier of sustainable, ethically sourced sandalwood timber and oil. They're also running a company in the USA which is trialling sandalwood oil as a treatment for various skin conditions.

WA's dinosaur coast: Bid to protect Broome's ancient footprints after maps published by Erin Parke (ABC 7.30, Western Australia)

A map is being produced as a result of field research by a team from the University of Queensland into the dinosaur tracks around Broome. This may provide opportunities for increased tourism around the footprints, although local Aboriginal families are concerned about the potential for damage, and even theft. This concern is shared by the local Dinosaur Coast Management Group, who are a group of concerned locals aiming to protect the trackways.

So there's my three for the day. If you've found any stories about "what went right", why not share them in the comments and boost the signal?

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