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What Went Right - 21 MAR 2017

Happy autumnal equinox to everyone in the southern hemisphere. Happy vernal equinox to all of you in the northern hemisphere. And in celebration, have three articles about "What Went Right" from my news feeds.

Wine yields doubled in parts of Western Australia, but rain takes shine off the 2016 vintage by Michelle Stanley (WA Country Hour, ABC Western Australia)

It's been a good year for vineyards in WA, with some areas in Margaret River approximately doubling their harvest from their vines.

Blaze Aid helping flooded West Australian farmers get back on their feet by Tara de Landgrafft (WA Country Hour, ABC Western Australia)

The aid group "Blaze Aid", formed in the wake of the bushfires which took out Yarloop last year, is now providing assistance for farmers who were flooded out by heavy rains about five weeks ago. The group provides assistance in replacing or re-erecting fences, and they're currently working on about 50km of fencing in the Lake Grace area, with an expectation of more to come.

Diabetes sufferers swimming their way to a healthier lifestyle by Charlotte Hamlyn (ABC Western Australia)

The Swimming365 group is going to be entering a team in the "Port to Pub" event (which starts at Leighton beach, and ends at the Rottnest hotel). The group is composed of people who have started swimming as a way of either avoiding or dealing with type 2 diabetes, and this is the first time they've entered a team in the event.

So there's my three for the day. If you've found a story or two about "what went right" in your news feed, why not share a link in the comments?

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