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What Went Right - 17 MAR 2017

Happy St Patrick's Day to anyone who's interested. Have three things which went right from the mainstream media I read, in celebration!

Holocaust survivor pays tribute to Swedish diplomat who saved tens of thousands of Hungarian Jews by Briana Shepherd (ABC Western Australia)

An exhibition in memory of Swedish diplomat Raoul Wallenberg is touring Australia. Mr Wallenberg is credited with saving tens of thousands of Hungarian Jews during World War II. The exhibit is showing in the Curtin University exhibition space on St George's Terrace until March 30.

Ben Wyatt making history as first Aboriginal treasurer in Australian state or federal government by David Weber (ABC Western Australia)

Member for Victoria Park, Ben Wyatt, is the first Aboriginal person to occupy the office of Treasurer in any Australian state or federal government. The article is mainly in discussion with Mr Wyatt's uncle, Federal Minister for Aged Care and Indigenous Health, Ken Wyatt, putting the achievement into context, and pointing out the fact the two of them effectively have an extra responsibility alongside their responsibilities to their party, their constituents, their ministerial portfolios, and their overall responsibility to state and country: they also have a responsibility toward Indigenous people, to be advocates, mentors and role models there.

Why this bush stone-curlew is in love with its own reflection by Patrick Williams (ABC Queensland)

Stone curlews are normally nocturnal birds, so they don't often see their own reflections. Which means if they get a chance to see a reflection of themselves, they tend to be fascinated by the sight of it. An example of this (complete with a helpful sign from a Wildcare Australia volunteer explaining the situation) became popular on social media yesterday.

So there's my three stories about what went right. If you've found anything which went right in your news feed, why not share a link to it in the comments?

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