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What Went Right - 16 MAR 2017

Once again, three things from my mainstream media feed about what went right (or what is going right, or could be going right) rather than what went wrong.

WA cider producer tips traditional market to take off in Australia by Lisa Morrison and Tyne Logan (WA Country Hour, ABC Western Australia)

This is a profile of the Denmark Heritage Cider Company, which produces traditional, English-style apple cider from traditional cider apple varieties (as opposed to the eating apple varieties used by most Australian cider makers) and ferments the brew in the traditional fashion, with a year's maturation and ageing. The aim is to produce a premium cider product, which attracts discerning drinkers.

Perth cyclists create goat drawing across the suburbs using ride-tracking app Strava by Emma Wynne (ABC Radio Perth, Western Australia)

What do you get as a result of a 202km bike ride around Perth? You get a very good picture of a goat on the ride-tracking app, Strava. The group responsible, amateur cycling team "Fight Club" are pleased with the reception their effort has been getting online, and are thinking about trying for a more iconic Western Australian animal (a numbat or quokka) for their next effort.

Study finds waves of Margaret River drive economic growth by Anthony Pancia (ABC South West WA)

Having a good surf break near your town is probably driving a bit more money to the town itself. According to research by University of Sydney assistant professor Samuel Willis, and Oxford economics candidate Thomas McGregor, a high-quality surf break could add up to 2.2 percentage points to a region's economic growth. (There's a link to the actual paper in the ABC article).

So there's my three for the day. If you've found an article about something which went right, or is going right, or could be going right, why not share a link to it in the comments, and boost the signal?

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