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What Went Right - 10 MAR 2017

Another week nearly ended, and here's another three items about what went right from my mainstream media feeds.

Australian-Chinese joint venture outlays $50M on live export assets as Sino Marine launches first ship by Matt Brann (ABC Rural Western Australia)

Harmony Agriculture and Food, in a joint venture with Hopshun Australia, has created a livestock supply chain for global markets, including China. They're launching their first ship today in Dalian, China, which is expected to have its maiden voyage shipping sheep to the middle east.

Story Dogs help Perth children to build confidence reading and develop into bookhounds by Hilary Smale and Emma Wynne (ABC Radio Perth)

Children who lack confidence in their reading skills are finding opportunities to practice their reading and build their confidence by reading to Story Dogs. The Story Dogs and their owners go into schools on a volunteer basis, and listen to children practising their reading.

Outback wranglers use float plane to relocate aggressive croc from remote Kimberley region by Erin Parke and Leah McLennan (ABC Kimberley, Western Australia)

A three-metre long saltwater crocodile has been removed from near a pearl farm in the Osborn Islands to a crocodile farm in Broome by use of a float plane. The removal (done under permit from the Department of Parks and Wildlife) was considered a more humane option than simply shooting the animal.

So there's my three stories for the day. If you've found a story about what went right in your news feed, why not share it in the comments?

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