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What Went Right - 27 FEB 2017

Once again, three stories about "what went right" from my mainstream news feeds. (Good grief, is February nearly over already? When did that happen?)

Pastoralist bucks pivot trend to trial sub-surface irrigation in WA's Kimberley by Eliza Wood (ABC Rural, Western Australia)

David Stoate from Anna Plains station is trialling sub-surface irrigation for a trial 20ha paddock, with the hopes this will reduce pumping costs, water evaporation, and fertiliser loss to volatilisation which are issues with the traditional "pivot sprinkler" method of irrigation in the region.

WA election: Aboriginal candidates for both major parties in first for WA seat of Kimberley by Matthew Bamford (ABC Western Australia)

Both the ALP and the Liberal Party of Western Australia have nominated candidates for the seat of Kimberley who identify as Indigenous Australians, in a first for the seat. The ALP's Josie Farrer is seeking re-election to the seat, while the Liberals' Warren Greatorex is the first ever Indigenous candidate for the seat for this party. Both candidates regard this as a positive thing, and see it as an encouraging sign of Indigenous people getting interested in politics.

Taliban leader uses 'special message' to urge Afghans to plant more trees by Reuters (uncredited)

"The Taliban has used a rare public statement in the name of its leader, Haibatullah Akhundzada, to call on Afghans to plant more trees for worldly and other-worldly good." (Which definitely counts as "something going right").

So there's my three for the day. If you've found a story about "what went right" in your daily news feeds, why not share a link in the comments to boost the signal?

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