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What Went Right - 24 FEB 2017

Once again, it's three articles from my mainstream media feeds about "what went right", rather than "what went wrong".

Betroffenheit plunges into unimaginable depths of father's grief in PIAF production by Brianna Shepherd (ABC Western Australia)

Content warning: mentions of drug abuse, addiction, and potentially confronting imagery in photographs. This one is a "what went right" because it's about exploring tragedy, grief, PTSD, and the process of recovery from all of these and trying to make these things understandable to others - and that's always something I'll think of as a "right thing" in the universe. Betroffenheit is a dance-theatre work which is the result of a collaboration between Jonathon Young and Crystal Pite (two Canadian artists).

Women inmates share personal experience of domestic violence in short film by Nathan Morris (ABC Goldfields, Western Australia)

Content warning: domestic violence, descriptions of abuse. Again, this one counts to me as "what went right", because it's about people who have been in situations of domestic violence getting together and saying "well, what can we do to try and prevent this? How do we break the cycle?". Inmates of Eastern Goldfields Regional Prison have shared their stories, and created a short film about domestic violence as a community education resource. The film is included with the article.

Lana Turner spreads the joy of swing dancing, from its roots in Harlem all the way to Perth by Emma Wynne (ABC Radio Perth, Western Australia)

A swing dance aficionado from New York has come to Perth for the Perth International Arts Festival, and is enthusiastic about getting people up and dancing. To quote her: ""One of the things I do is try to get people who don't dance to dance. I just go and get them and say, 'it's OK if you don't know the steps, it's alright'. The idea is to understand the joy and the exuberance of dance."

So there's my three articles for today (it's a good day for news about what went right today - I may drop a list of all the other articles I found in the comments). If you've found any stories about something going right - and remember, it's not necessarily about something "good" or "positive" - just something not going wrong, or someone doing something to fix something going wrong, or someone sharing how they got through bad times; if you've found any stories like that, why not share them in the comments?

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