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What Went Right - 4 FEB 2017

Sorry this is up so late - unfortunately the "what went right" is being slightly delayed by something going wrong at my end. However, despite that, have three articles from my mainstream media feeds about what went right in the world.

Nigerian 'witch boy' Hope 'happy', 'healthy' a year after being rescued from streets by ABC Australia (uncredited)

A boy who had been abandoned by his family in Nigeria because he was thought to be a "witch" is now attending school and appears to be happy and healthy.

Wheelchair users get first taste of ocean waves with help of special mats by Tom Fedorowytsch (ABC South Australia)

Special mats for making beaches wheelchair-accessible have been rolled out at Adelaide's Henley Beach, allowing wheelchair users to take their chairs down to the water. The mats are currently used at about 10 other patrolled beaches in Australia, but organisers from Accessible Beaches Australia hope to make them a regular sight around the country.

AFL Women's: Carlton, Collingwood deliver excitement in first match as Blues win by ABC Grandstand (uncredited)

The first AFL Women's match was a stand-out success, with lock-out crowds (the gates had to be locked midway through the first quarter for safety reasons, with about 2000 people still outside), and a deafening level of enthusiasm for the players.

So there's my three for the day. If you've found any stories about "what went right" (rather than "what went wrong") in your news feeds, why not share them in the comments?

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