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What Went Right - 2 FEB 2017

Once more, three stories from the mainstream media about "what went right" rather than "what went wrong".

Prince Leonard of Hutt River Principality abdicates to son Graeme by Sarah Tallier (ABC Western Australia)

The monarch of the Hutt River Principality, Prince Leonard, has decided to hand over power in the micro-nation to his son, Prince Graeme, in a peaceful transition.

Heavy rains bring stunning changes to Western Australia's remote desert landscapes by Sam Tomlin (ABC Goldfields, Western Australia)

The rain which has been falling in the North of the state has also penetrated to the interior and the goldfields, making the country greener than it has been in decades. The article is full of photos from Warburton photographer, Jody Brown, showing the transformed landscape.

Flooding rains bring optimism as barramundi season starts in northern Australia by Eric Barker, Mark Jeffery, and Matt Brann (ABC Rural, Queensland, Northern Territory and Western Australia)

Barramundi fishermen are optimistic that the heavy monsoon rains this year will spell a good barramundi season, and will also lead to a good season in a couple of years.

So there's the three for today. If you've found any articles in your mainstream news feeds about "what went right", why not share them in the comments?

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