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What Went Right - 24 JAN 2017

Another three stories from the mainstream media about "what went right" (plus one from yesterday I bobbled).

First up, the one I made the mistake on was the second story on yesterday's batch, about the Women's March, where I forgot to put the URL into the link. Here's the link today:

Sorry about that one, folks. Must've been a braino.

Now here's today's three:

Golden pearls: An elusive gem of the sea for Australia's pearl industry by Matt Brann (ABC Rural, ABC Western Australia)

Every now and then (about 1% of the time) the pearl farms of northern Australia produce a golden pearl in amongst the white ones. These rare golden pearls are on trend lately.

Feline good: Record number of cat adoptions for WA shelter by Courtney Bembridge (ABC Western Australia)

The WA Cat Haven has managed to re-house a record number of cats in the last year - over 6,500 came into the shelter during the course of the year, and about 80 percent of that number were re-homed. (Article comes with cat picture, of course!).

West Australian manta rays thriving as worldwide numbers dwindle, research finds by Tangiora Hinaki (ABC North West WA)

The population of manta rays in Western Australia's North-West (around Exmouth and Coral Bay) is increasing, against an international decline due to over-fishing.

So there's our three for the day. If you've found anything about "what went right" in your daily news feed, why not drop a link in the comments.

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