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What Went Right - 23 JAN 2017

Three more stories from the mainstream media about "what went right", rather than "what went wrong".

Indigenous suicide: Struggling communities get $10 million funding boost by Neda Vanovac (ABC Australia)

"A community-based support service to prevent Indigenous suicides is getting a $10 million boost as the Government begins to roll it out across Australia."

Women's March: What drove people to join protests around the world this weekend? (uncredited, ABC Australia)

This article is largely quotes from various women at various marches around the world, citing the reasons they marched.

Coorong weir proposal aims to improve wetlands, as Murray-Darling plan not enough: ecologist by Nicola Gage (ABC South Australia)

"A prominent ecologist has suggested building a weir in South Australia's Coorong to ensure flows do not drop below critical levels."

So, there's your three for the day. (It was a tricky day today. But there were still three stories about "what went right", none the less). If you've found stories about "what went right" in your mainstream media feeds, why not share them in the comments?

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