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What Went Right - 11 JAN 2017

Another three articles about "what went right" from the mainstream media.

Perth Zoo's sniffer elephants harness heightened sense of smell by Charlotte Hamlyn (ABC Western Australia)

One of the elephants at Perth Zoo is being trained to use his sense of smell as a way of getting him physically and mentally active.

First wine grapes picked in Swan Valley, but most vineyards still weeks from harvest by Matt Brann (ABC Rural, Western Australia)

The grape harvest in the Swan Valley is getting off to a later start than last year, and growers are anticipating a much better crop of wines as a result of an exceptional vintage.

Frank Norton, official war artist and pioneering gallery director, remembered by exhibition by Emma Wynne (ABC Radio Perth, Western Australia)

An exhibition, "Frank Norton, Painter and Collector", is on display at the Fremantle Arts Centre until January 22, honouring the life and work of the late Frank Norton, a former war artist for the Australian navy, and director of the WA Art Gallery between 1958 through to 1976.

So there's my three for today (all from WA - must have been a slow news day. I'll put any others I find in the comments). If you've found any stories about what went right in your mainstream media feeds, why not put a link to them in the comments as well?

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