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What Went Right - 10 JAN 2017

Once again, three stories about "what went right" from my mainstream media feeds.

Cancer drug approved by Therapeutic Goods Administration offers hope to leukaemia patients by ABC Victoria (uncredited)

A drug that melts away cancer in some patients with advanced forms of chronic lymphocytic leukaemia has been approved by Australia's Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA).

Dinesh Palipana becomes Queensland's first quadriplegic medical intern by Ashleigh Stevenson (ABC Queensland)

Doctor Dinesh Palipana became a quadriplegic in 2010 when he was in a bad car crash on the Gateway Motorway. Last week, he was offered an intern placement, making him the first quadriplegic medical intern in Queensland.

Canberra zoo animals cool down with ice blocks as city swelters through another hot day by ABC Australian Capital Territory (uncredited).

Canberra has had four consecutive days of temperatures over 30C (which, given Canberra summers tend to be humid, is not comfortable for anyone) and the animals at the Canberra zoo are being given frozen treats to help them keep cool in the heat.

So there's my three for the day. If you've found any stories about "what went right" in the mainstream media you read, why not share them in the comments?

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