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What Went Right - 2 JAN 2017

Three more stories from the mainstream media about "what went right" (as opposed to "what went wrong").

Imam and AFL fan Alep Mydie thrives in diverse Katanning community by Karen Michelmore (ABC Great Southern, ABC Western Australia)

A profile of the Imam of the mosque in the Western Australian country town of Katanning, where approximately one person in every ten is Muslim. While the profile does tend to lean a bit obviously on the whole "see, see, he's just like us!" aspect of things, it's still a good and humanising look at a person from a population within Australia which is facing a lot of negativity from the very highest levels of Australian society.

Woodford Folk Festival draws record crowd as organisers look to democratise future events by Megan Kinninment, ABC Sunshine Coast (ABC Queensland)

The annual Woodford Folk Festival is looking to new ways of encouraging and rewarding participation and interest in the festival, through the creation of a "Woodfordia citizenship" as a result of membership.

Ex-bodybuilder Taryn Brumfitt campaigns to ditch diets and end myth of the ideal shape by Sarah Hughes (The Observer)

This is largely a promotional piece for a new film, "Embrace", but I feel the overall message is something which definitely needs to get out there - there isn't just one "right way" to look. It's about body-positivity, which is definitely something which is "going right" as far as I'm concerned.

So there's my three for the day. If you've found anything in your news feeds about "what went right", why not share it in the comments?

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