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What Went Right - 30 DEC 2016

Got my first "what went right" link in the comments (look on 28 December). So it's probably time to drop in a few guidelines for folks - firstly to get them out of my head for my own future reference for what I'm trying to promote, and secondly, to give an idea of what I'm looking for here.

The first thing to note is I'm trying to steer clear of stories where there's the possibility of a dispute about whether or not things "went right" along partisan lines - which means yes, I'm largely steering clear of political stories unless they are about things which are supported by all parties. The same applies to sporting coverage, too, so politics fans, please don't feel you're being discriminated against in particular.

(Anon linker from 28th December: your linked article is allowed this time, but going forward, links to articles about issues which acknowledge there's partisan dispute as to whether it's something which "went right" - and where the primary focus of the article is on this dispute - won't be unscreened.)

The second thing to note is while all issues can be argued back and forth, one way or the other, my final judgement on the issue is the one which matters here. Now, I tend progressive, and I'm a leftie even by Australian standards, so my definitions of "what went right" tend to be centred around things which promote ideals such as multiculturalism, co-operation, people helping people, egalitarianism, intersectional feminism, environmental respect, social and environmental sustainability, and humane behaviour. So, articles which promote these values will tend to score higher with me than articles which don't.

Finally, a general point regarding the comments overall - if you're leaving a link anonymously (whether this is due to not having a Dreamwidth or OpenID account, or from personal choice), could you please put a 'nick or pseudonym or referent of some kind in the comment box, so I know who to credit for the link. Thanks in advance.

So, housekeeping out of the way, let's move on to today's three stories from the mainstream media about "what went right".

Perth weather: Cool summer for Christmas holidays makes for tough time for beachside businesses by Hayley Roman (ABC Western Australia)

Despite the headline, this article concentrates more on the meteorological details of why Perth is undergoing a rather cool start to the summer this year than it does on the effects of same on beach-side businesses.

Parents urged to let children find their own ways to cope with school holidays boredom by Emma Wynne (720 ABC Perth, ABC Western Australia)

Advice for parents faced with the standard holiday cry of "I'm bored" - let your kids figure out how to deal with their boredom on their own.

Ice drug treatment clinics across NSW help users kick the habit with new treatment program by Mazoe Ford (ABC New South Wales).

A report on the NSW-based Stimulant Treatment Program system, which is showing good results for getting people off amphetamine addictions through a counselling-based system rather than a medication-based approach.

So, there's my three for the day. If you've any links to stories about "what went right" in the mainstream media you read, leave them in the comments.

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