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What Went Right - 29 DEC 2016

Three stories about "what went right" (as opposed to "what went wrong") from my mainstream media feeds.

(If you're looking for these sorts of stories yourself, what I've found is you're likely to find more of them in your local news than in the national or international news, unless it's a particularly slow news day. So start close to home, and see what you can find in your local, city, or state papers first, before moving on to the national or international ones).

WACE exam results posted online a day early to 'put students' minds at ease', SCSA says by Hayley Roman (ABC Western Australia)

The School Curriculum and Standards Authority managed to get everything together in time to publish the results of the Western Australian Certificate of Excellence (Year 12/end of high school/leaving) exams a day early - so they did this, in order to ease the worries of students who were waiting for their results.

Man finds long-lost brother by chance in Noosa cafe by Judy Adair ("Tall Tales and True" podcast, ABC Radio).

A story about adoption, and about finding family in unexpected places.

Sweden's ice hotel by Tracey Shelton (freelance contributor, ABC Australia).

Every year since 1989, sculptors have built an ice hotel in Swedish Lapland, and every year with the coming of spring, the hotel melts back into the river which birthed it. This year they're trying something a bit different.

(This article is in a wide format, if you're reading on a narrow device, or using a browser with a "bookmarks bar" at the side - as I do - be aware of this).

So, there's my three stories for the day. If you've found something about "what went right" in your news feeds, drop a link in the comments. I think of this sort of thing as a candle against the darkness - one candle on its own can't do much, but many together can light and warm the world.

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