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What Went Right - 28 DEC 2016

Another three stories from the mainstream media of things "going right" as opposed to "going wrong".

Remote ammonia plant shipping fertiliser to the world by Eliza Wood (WA Country Hour, ABC Western Australia).

A profile of the Yara Pilbara ammonia plant, which uses hydrogen gas sourced from the North West Shelf natural gas fields to create liquid ammonia for use in fertiliser and urea creation.

Missing woman, girl found five kilometres from where car was bogged in Kimberley by ABC Western Australia

Two people who went missing after the car they were travelling in became bogged have been found, in reasonable health. They're reported as being taken to Derby Hospital for a check-up, and "extremely thankful" for the searchers from police, State Emergency Services, and other volunteers who found them.

My Disability Matters: The social media site helping to connect people with disabilities by Felicity Ogilvie (AM, ABC Australia).

A profile of the My Disability Matters website (a site designed by a person who is vision-impaired for people with disabilities), briefly explaining about the site and the ways people use it, as well as providing a link to another article about the site (and from there, a link to the site itself).

So, there's my three for the day. If you've found anything in your various news feeds about things going right, why not pop a link to it in the comments? Alternatively, if you're doing something similar yourself, please, share a link.

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