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What Went Right 25 DEC 2016

Three stories from the mainstream media about things which 'went right' rather than 'going wrong'.

Christmas food can pose risks to some pets, animal hospital warns by David Weber (ABC Western Australia)

Some warnings and advice about what to avoid with regards to your pets during the festive season.

Christmas: South Australians support charities, recreate the nativity and Jews celebrate Hanukkah by ABC South Australia

A discussion of various seasonal celebrations in South Australia, including Hanukkah (which doesn't usually get much publicity in Australia).

The 11-step guide to being a good guest by Annalisa Barbieri (Guardian)

A guide to how to be a pleasant guest, and do the right things yourself.

So there's my three for the day. If you have any other 'things going right' stories you'd like to share, pop 'em in the comments.

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