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What Went Right - 22 December 2016

Once again, three "what went right" stories from the mainstream media.

A doctor's honest account of losing his first patient by Judy Adair (ABC Radio).

Content warnings on this one for a visceral description of CPR, and for the death of a human being.

This one is being included despite the subject matter, because what it's actually about is being human. It's about a doctor recalling the first time a patient he was treating died, how he felt at the time, and what he feels he learned from the experience - which was that doctors have to be emotionally involved in the care they're giving, or else they risk becoming mere technicians, treating human bodies as though they're malfunctioning machines. Which is, I think, the correct lesson to have learned.

(Just because it went right doesn't mean it has to be either comfortable or nice).

Best of 2016: Get a dose of the best feel-good stories of the year by ABC Queensland.

An omnibus collection of "feel good" stories. Not everything which happened in 2016 was terrible, and the impression it was is something I'm trying to counteract with this project.

WA police officer plays Santa's helper, tracking down recipient of lost Christmas present by Edwina Seselja (ABC Western Australia).

This one has two things going right - someone found a lost Christmas present on the road near Roebourne (in North-West Western Australia) and handed it in to the local police station. Then the Senior Constable on duty was able to use his local knowledge to remember a child with the right name, who had received a road safety award earlier in the year, and return the present to the correct family.

So there's today's helping. If any of my readers have stories about things going right from their local media they'd like to share, drop them in the comments.

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Today's Bit of Schadenfreude

Christensen threatens to leave Coalition amid fears Bernardi may form own party

Not so much the article, rather the comment thread below it - which is so far up to about nineteen pages of the equivalent of "Jump, you bastard! JUMP!" and "Don't let the door hit your arse as you leave".

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