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What Went Right - 21 December 2016

Another three stories about things going right, or people doing the right thing, and so on.

Perth Zoo residents get Christmas treats in food hide-and-seek by Charlotte Hamlyn (ABC, Western Australia)

A feel-good story about the animals in Perth Zoo getting some extra treats (and enrichment activities associated with them) from their keepers. As the keeper interviewed points out, it's not just zoo animals who can benefit from this sort of thing - household pets can also benefit from having a bit of extra think-work to do in order to get treats, keeping them mentally active.

Meet the rebel road fixers making Malaysia's roads safer by Jami Blakkarly (Radio National, ABC).

A group of people who are concerned about the condition of Malaysian roads have decided to do their bit to prompt action by undertaking "guerrilla" pothole fixes.

Holly the penguin reunited with colony near Manly, after Sydney drain rescue by Nicole Chettle (ABC, New South Wales)

A baby Little Penguin, found walking up a drain in Haberfield, Sydney, has been re-united with the colony she came from.

So, there's my three for the day. Anyone got anything to add to the mix? Put any stories about "what went right" into the comments.

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