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What Went Right - 20 December 2016

Another three looks at things which went right (as opposed to "going wrong") as reported by the mainstream media. As always, if you have something you've found in your local media stream which fits the bill, pop it in the comments.

One thing I'm finding when doing this is I'm paying more attention to my news feeds, rather than ignoring them for days at a stretch - I'm looking harder, and searching a bit more for those elusive "what went right" stories.

The best Australian books of 2016: writers choose their favourites by Briohny Doyle, Andy Griffiths, Jane Harper, Hannah Kent, Melina Marchetta, Martin McKenzie-Murray, Di Morrissey, Niki Savva, Graeme Simsion, Maxine Beneba-Clarke (Guardian Australia).

Another omnibus post, included because choosing a favourite book does, of course, mean you're picking up something which worked for you, and something which "went right".

Carnaby's cockatoos breeding program hailed a success for Perth university by ABC Western Australia (uncredited journalist)

A story about Carnaby's Black Cockatoos, which are critically endangered. They breed here in Perth (mostly around the outskirts of the city), and there's been some successes in getting them to breed in artificial "breeding hollows".

The Aboriginal teacher connecting people with country in the middle of the city by Jeremy Story Carter for RN Breakfast (ABC Victoria)

A story about a Gunditjmara man who teaches kids in Melbourne (particularly Indigenous kids, whose families may not have much connection to the traditions) about Indigenous culture. I'm including this one, even though it's a bit bitter-sweet toward the end, because I think it's important to recognise the process of recovery and re-integration of culture is both possible and necessary.

So there's my three for the day. Anyone else got anything they'd like to share?

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