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Job Scammers: Adaptive

Another one of these landing in my inbox. This time it was for the address I actually use for job search, so it took me a while to figure out this was an actual scam. Here's the details.

To: [my jobsearch address]
Subject: For $MY_FIRST_NAME
From: Hr Dep [u3011801]

(Note the lack of an email address one can reply to there. First hint of something being up)

Email body below the fold )

Okay, so how did I guess this was a scam?

1) The compensation is far too high for the work they're asking. $7500 per month (assuming a 4 week month, each week consisting of 5 x 6 hour days) comes to $62.50 per hour. Which is high professional wages, and not the sort of money I'd be expecting. Then there's potentially commission on top of that... yeah. Right.

From (the front page of) their website, this is the position they're offering:

Description below the fold )

So, they're looking for someone who's graduated high school, with no other skills or experience, and they're willing to pay over $60 per hour for someone to phone clients and try to sell their "product" (such as it is) to them. Yeeeah. Plus, of course, the "benefits" of "paid holidays, vacation/personal days" to an Australian who has been part of the workforce previously sounds a bit like advertising that a car "also comes with tyres on all the wheels!". (Paid public holidays and vacation are part of the standard Australian working environment. If an employer isn't offering you these for full time work, you need to be talking to the Fair Work people).

2) It's very difficult to tell, from their website, what this company actually does (or indeed, if they do anything other than attempt to separate fools from their money).

There's a lot of talk about start-ups, and the start-up sector, and leveraging the power of start-ups, but very little actual discussion of what it is they're attempting to do. Are they selling your business to start-up companies as a client? (They might be). Are they selling your business to start-up companies as a service provider? (It's possible). The way things are phrased means this website appears to be attempting to be all things to all people, and as a result it's even vaguer than the average political platform. Their "method", for example, appears to involve basically throwing buzzwords at the topic until either a solution is obtained, or more likely until someone gives them money to go away. The copy implies they have links with everyone and everything, and are able to act as facilitators.

Their "in the press" section appears to link to three separate articles, none of which appear to have any immediate relevance to this particular business. Then again, none of the "links" actually work, which means you can't check.

They don't appear to have an Australian presence - there's an office listed in the UK:


(A quick perusal of Google maps implies yes, there is actually an office at this address, but it's the office of an accounting firm with a completely different name).

There are phone numbers given for the UK (UK: +44 203 868 1873), USA (US: +1 (646) 880 3616) and either Canada or California (CA: +1 (647) 247 0825), but nothing for Australia.

On top of this, they don't appear to have much of a history on google, either. Googling the company name just gets the standard business filings (as in, the registration information for the company), but nothing else. For a company which is supposed to be making a name for themselves (and a quick bit of googling points out their domain has been active for at least 160 days - so at least five months) this isn't particularly good news.

3) The final scam marker: I never applied for the job they're offering me in the first place. The email is written in such a way as to imply they received my details in response to a job application, but I keep a record of the jobs I apply for. I haven't applied for a position as an Investment Assistant/Advisor at any time in the last three months (or indeed, at any stage this year).

If you're receiving job offers from this mob, be aware they're probably scammers - which means if you do the work, they're probably not going to pay you. They certainly read as being dodgy as a three-dollar bill.

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