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I went out to Waldecks in Bentley today, and spent about $22 on some more plants for the garden. I got some flat leafed parsley and zucchini seedlings for the vegetable patch (if all the zucchini do well, expect to hear plaintive calls for zucchini recipes in a few months) and some pansies, a verbena and a "Royal Daphne" (Bouvardia longiflouum) for the existing front garden beds. At some point, I'm going to need to hire someone to dig up the front "lawn" on the left side of the path (scare quotes because as far as I'm concerned, a collection of scraggly couch grass does NOT count as a lawn) and help me put in some terraced beds.

But first, let me fill the beds I do have, before I go creating more of them. Once they're all over-flowing, then we can move onto something else.

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