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Scam Alert - 419 Type - Ghana National Petroleum Corporation, Nana Owusu Addo

From: Nana Owusu Addo (admin@GOODONATES.COM)
Subject: [Bulk] IT MIGHT INTEREST YOU...
Addressed to: Recipients (admin@GOODONATES.COM)

Scam body below fold )

Another invitation to commit fraud from complete strangers. How wonderful.

The most obvious plot hole in this whole thing is the whole "as civil servants, we are forbidden to operate a foreign account" - I suspect if they look closely at their contracts, they'll also find as civil servants they're forbidden to defraud the taxpayers of Ghana. This doesn't appear to be stopping them from doing so.

As always, it's a scam, a fraud, and if you let these people have access to your bank account, they'll either a) use it as an invitation to vaccuum all the money out of it; or b) ask you to forward "small sums" to be used to pay administration fees, bank charges, etc etc etc. I'd be suspecting the first, since their breakdown of the "payout" involves a certain amount put aside to cover costs (although I still wouldn't rule out the second, since scammers gonna scam). Asking for three working weeks (15 working days) is just giving them lots of time to get away after they've finished extracting the money from your bank account(s).

If you are going to succumb to this damn silly fraud, might I suggest going to a bank you don't usually do business with, opening a throw-away account with a balance of maybe $10, and giving those details to the scammers? That way, if they ARE up to no good (and let's be realistic here - anyone who asks you on no acquaintance whatsoever to help them commit massive fraud against the people of their own country isn't really on the side of the angels) the most you're going to be out is the $10 you've sacrificed on the throw-away account.

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