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Scam Alert - 419 "Abandoned Package" scam - Mr James Dee, Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport A

From: Mr James Dee (
Addressed to me: No

Scam body under fold )

As with the previous example of this particular genre, I'll note this even at its most straightforward, this email contains an invitation to commit a crime (namely, bribery of an official - Mr Dee is asking for a share of the money in order to "assist" you. Presumably if you don't, he'll find a few dozen obstacles to place in your way). Nice people don't generally ask you to do things on first acquaintance that could result in jail time.

There are still all the same plot-holes in the story as there were in the previous example - why would a UN diplomat based in the UK be sending large sums of money to an insignificant housewife in Australia? Why, if the consignment note has my name and details on it, was the package not just forwarded to me C.O.D? Why has this been shipped from JFK airport in New York to an airport warehouse in Atlanta, for crying out loud? And given Mr Dee apparently knows the contents of the containers aren't what's on the declaration label, how do I know he hasn't already gone in there and taken what he considers to be "his share" of the money before even contacting me? (Oh, and why, if he's working for a government organisation, is he trying to get me to reply to him via a throw-away gmail address?)

The containers don't exist (or if they do, they're filled with blank paper, old newsprint, or at best Monopoly money). Don't send this scammer any of your details, or any of your money.

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