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Scam - 419 Type - "Mrs Connie Dutton"

My junk mail folder is filling up with scams again. Oh darn, I shall just have to start writing about them once more.

Oh the hardship.

Today's candidate is a pretty bog-standard 419 scam.

Subject: [Bulk] Hoping to hearing from you soon
Addressed to me: Nope!

Scam content under fold )

Okay, scam markers:

1) Long, involved sob story, written in ungrammatical English, and poorly proof-read.

2) Large sum of money (although in these days of low inflation and low investment returns, eight million is pretty small beer).

3) If this woman is such a devoted Christian, why isn't she giving the money to her church? Doesn't she trust her pastor? Why isn't she donating the money (off her own bat) to the various charities which already exist now to serve the causes she's listing? Why isn't she taking this through a professional financial planner or investment adviser, rather than a random chump on the internet?

4) Different addresses in the reply-to field of the sent email, and the body text.

The most sensible option is not to reply to these people at all. This email is basically setting up the sucker for the next move in several con games - and the most likely is the advance fee fraud, where you'll be asked to send an "administration fee" to the scammer (just so they can pass it on to their bank, to get the money to you, you understand). Of course, this first fee won't be enough, and you'll have to send more money to the scammer to cover other fees and charges; and of course, "Mrs Dutton" will probably wind up needing help with her medical costs, because she won't have planned for those; then there's the inevitable point in the whole thing where she dies, and you'll need to pay "funeral expenses" or "death duties" on the money you still won't have received...

As always, these things are designed to hook you through a combination of greed and arrogance. The way to win is not to play. So, don't reply, and pass the message about it being a scam on to all your friends.

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