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Job Seeker Advice: Polite Firms and Recruiters to Avoid

This is me summarising a certain amount of information from looking for work. One of the things I keep track of is whether a company gets back to me to let me know I've been unsuccessful in my application for a job at their firm (which, to me, seems  only polite), or indeed whether I get any acknowledgement of my application at all. So, the following firms are ones I've applied to in the past three months, which got back in touch with me (even if only via a very generic email) to let me know I'd been unsuccessful.

  • WFI / Insurance Australia Group - insurance
  • Choice One recruiters - personnel
  • Diametech Pty Ltd (trading as Autobahn Spearwood) - car parts and servicing
  • Designtec Commercial Furniture - Commercial furniture
  • Chellingworth (Osborne Park Chrysler, Jeep and Dodge) - car sales
  • Fantastic Furniture - home furniture (largely flat-packs)
  • AMP Services Ltd (AMP Capital Investors) - shopping centre administration
  • Beacon Lighting, Myaree - light fittings
  • Roleystone Real Estate - real estate services
  • Practice Insight Pty Ltd - software development
  • Rockingham Psychology - psychological services

All of the above-named firms have been polite enough to advise me I wasn't successful in my application, which I appreciate, since it takes a lot of the fuss and bother out of jobsearch to know one way or t'other. If you have need of any of the services they provide, you could probably do worse than visit these particular companies.

(To all the other employers I applied to and didn't get a job with: even a generic Seek email saying "sorry, not this time" would be enough to let me know. That you can't be bothered to do something as minor as that... well, it doesn't say much about your attitude toward people who aren't directly handing you money right this moment. I'm posting the names of the ones who do in order to encourage good behaviour.)

One of the other things I track is whether I got a receipt of some kind to let me know the resume I sent off has been received. Mostly, I use, which provides one of these as a matter of course. Occasionally, however, I have to look elsewhere (sometimes there aren't enough recent jobs on Seek) and hope for the best. I prefer to get the little email of acknowledgement, since it lets me know I haven't just dropped my details into an informational black hole. The following firm does not provide them.
  • - recruiting/personnel

Indeed, purports to be a job board, but they won't let you see the jobs they have on offer unless you have signed up with them. I found a couple of jobs with them through, and applied via their linked online form (and really, the details of the jobs and the employers were minuscule - no employer name, no real details regarding the position etc) and didn't hear a single thing back. If you're looking for work, well, it's up to you, but I'd advise not bothering with them. This entry was originally posted at Please comment there using OpenID.

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