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Scam Warning: Loyal Partner Cargo Service Ltd

Okay, this is a scam along the same lines as good old Global Area Gargo. It comes in a couple of different variants, so I've included both the ones I've received here.

Scam body 1 under fold )

Scam body 2 under fold )

Copy 1 -
Apparently from: Lionel Davidson (
Subject: [Bulk] ´╗┐Job offer - (99939366930)
Reply-To: Lionel Davidson (
Addressed to me: No

Copy 2 -
Apparently from: Driscoll Hammond (
Subject: ´╗┐Current Open Position - (89469503769)
Reply-To: Driscoll Hammond (
Addressed to me: No (but addressed to the same address as copy 3)

Copy 3 -
Apparently from: Autumn Price (
Subject: [Bulk] Fresh job / (083201609023)
Reply-To: Autumn Price (
Addressed to me: No (but addressed to the same address as copy 2)

So, what are the scam flags?

1) Contact out of the blue with what looks to be a job ad. As always, remember in an economy where the rate of unemployment is higher than 0%, an employer doesn't have to go looking for new staff in this manner. Posting an ad on a job board will usually net them more than enough candidates to be going on with. Here in Australia, the unemployment rate is up over 6%, and has been for most of the past three years.

2) Getting three of these in the one batch of email is a pretty big hint there's something up - someone wants a bite, and they're willing to try and stun people into submission in order to get it.

3) For a job ad, these are somewhat lacking in details - no list of what they're looking for, no list of duties, no details about the rate of pay they're offering, no information about anything.

4) A quick google search indicates the company apparently doesn't exist. There's a "Loyal cargo & Export" based in South Africa, but "Loyal Partner Cargo Service" doesn't show up anywhere.

5) Gmail throwaway reply-to addresses are always a big hint. Registering a company domain doesn't cost much; neither does getting it hosted somewhere. It looks a lot more professional than a throw-away gmail address.

As always - don't respond, and if you must, don't send them any money.

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