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Scam Alert, 419 Type - Overseas Credit Commission, Kerry Lambert

Apparently-From: Kerry Lambert (
Subject: [Bulk] Overseas Credit Commission (OCC) - Brussels
Addressed to: Recipients (

Scam body under fold )

I'm not going to bother listing the scam flags for this one - they should be clear enough by now. If you want to learn more about this particular scam, check out They've written up a copy from 2010.

Yes, scams get recycled.

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Scam Alert - 419 Type - "Mr Warren Buffett Billionaire investor"

Apparently-From: Mr Warren Buffett (
Subject: [Bulk] DONATION FOR YOU!!!!
Addressed To: [Blank]

Scam body under the fold )

I think this one wins points for chutzpah. The article linked in the scam is actually genuine, and talks about how Warren Buffett and a number of other very rich investors do actually give a lot of money away to charity (Warren Buffett being among the rare breed of billionaires who apparently feels he has enough money now, thank you). So that's the one thing in the whole darn rigmarole which is actually accurate.

The rest is bullshit. There is no $5 million US waiting for you. If you spend approximately 10 seconds googling Warren Buffett and reading up his wikipedia article, you will discover the money he is giving away is mostly being distributed via the Gates Foundation - not through random emails to random schlubs on the internet. Oh, and as at 2013, he'd sent approximately one email in his life. Unless he's really caught on fast, I doubt he's the one behind these particular letters.

(If he was, he's of the generation which would consider it only polite to send a letter which was correctly punctuated, grammatically accurate, and proofread.)

I rather doubt someone like Warren Buffett would be using a gmail throw-away address, either. He's much more likely to be using a corporate address through his company, Bershire Hathaway.

So, 10 points to the scammer for trying, minus several million (let's say 5 million, shall we?) for actual effect.

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