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Movie Review: The Avengers

Okay, first things first - this is the first movie I've actually watched in the cinema in over two years. I don't go to the cinema much, mainly because I'm not fond of crowds, and also because I don't like having my eardrums hammered six inches into my skull by the volume the movie is inevitably played at. However, my partner had, by this time, seen the Avengers movie twice, and I'd seen enough rave reviews of the trailers on various US sites (we got it here in Australia about a week or two before the folks in the US... I suspect we were being used as a test case) to suspect it was going to be a movie I'd enjoy. I wasn't wrong there.

(Oh, and can I just offer a brief thumbs-up to the Rockingham United cinema complex - very nice little place, although the seats were a bit snug around the hips. It was a bit quiet on Sunday morning when we went there, but that was all to the good, as far as I was concerned).

Possible Spoilers Ho! )


Okay, I come to the Avengers movie with a lot of comics background from the late 1980s and early 1990s. I recognise a lot of the characters, and a lot of the canon. I've loved Marvel's stuff for years, and I really do prefer their take on the world over DC's take. I also have a lot of respect for Joss Wheedon as a director, a screenwriter, and a fan of things geeky - he knows how seriously the fans take things, and he respects that - and what's even better, he's shown that respecting the fans and how seriously they take things can be a real money-spinner for Hollywood, so he's not as subject to Executive Meddling as some other directors. So there was a lot of Good Stuff coming into the movie from the beginning. That said, what came out at the end more than deserves all the rave reviews and thumbs up this film is getting everywhere.

I'd give it at least four out of five; on a percentage scale, it's rating up around the ninety-two percent mark. Not absolutely 100% brilliant, but certainly close.

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