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Wasting Time

Last week was study break. Theoretically, all us good little university students were supposed to be catching up on our reading, getting ahead on our assignments and all those other things that good little university students do. So of course, me being me, I didn't do this. Instead, I had a week mostly consisting of sleeping late, reading fiction, catching up on blogs, and playing games on the XBox. I have accomplished some useful stuff - I dropped in my Austudy claim form at Centrelink, along with my regular form for the dole, so I should actually have money in my bank account today (yays!) and who knows, I may actually be able to afford another textbook! (Woohoo!)

But most of the week went into playing The Last Remnant. I spent all day Wednesday on the tail end of disk 1 (finally finishing the "Wisdom's Echo" quest after eventually giving up and checking the wiki to find out how) and I'd got up to the boss battle with the Gates of Hell... which I lost. I then lost about a day's play, because like the fool I am, I'd forgotten to save the game at any stage along the way. Cue Meg giving up in disgust for the day at that point. Thursday I picked it up again after having dropped off my forms, and redid all the stuff I'd done before (getting less loot from killing that big gold dragon three times in the Kosmos Maiden quest than I had for killing it twice on Wednesday... tch!). This time around, with a slightly different group of allies, I managed to kill off the Gates of Hell, and Complete Disk One. So now I'm at the start of disk two, with a party which is at battle level ninety.

Unfortunately for me, my copy of the second disk is covered with lots of little scratches. No kidding, the thing looks like someone's been using it as a drinks coaster. So I can get so far through the game, and then the blasted thing goes sput-ptooie at me. "So far" being "not far into disk two". *sigh*

I swear, the universe hates me.

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